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How to Rescreen the Top of Your Pool Screen Enclosure

Posted by JR on September 04, 2015
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Sheeting Screen Enclosure Vs Attach Every Panel. Screen each section separately vs using one piece of screen between the major top beams. This video shows you the difference. Pros and cons. Make sure you know.
Different guys rescreen or repair the top or roof of your pool screen enclosure using different methods. Some ways of rescreening are better than others.

It is very dangerous to work on the top/roof of your pool enclosure. Most beams are only 2 inches wide and the guy needs to balance on the beams as he replaces the screen. Be sure to check to see if the guys who are working on the roof or top of your pool cage are insured. If they are not insured and they get injured you may be responsible.

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BetterVue Screen Replacement on Pool Enclosure Problems

Posted by JR on July 08, 2014
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BetterVue (BetterVue is made by Phifer) is a type of screen that is mostly used for window screens. It is very nice to see-through, sort-of like there is nothing there. The strands are thinner so you can see through the screen easier. There is a similar type of screen made by a different company, it is called Clear-View. Another type of screen is called UltraVue but it is not recommended for screen enclosures in South Florida, as far as we know.

Some companies that build screen enclosures did put BetterVue in the total screen enclosure (for a few years). The reason why this screen is not used as much any longer for screen enclosures is that it tares easily, slips out of the track easier as well as other problems. It also requires a different size of spline (rubber that holds the screen in the track). And most people who repair screens do not have the right size spline, and furthermore, do not even know that a different size spline was needed so they put in a spline that was to small. And the screen came out even easier and many more problems. Most of the enclosures where BetterVue was installed are in southern Florida (as far as we know).

The manufacture does not recommend BetterVue screen for screen enclosures because of all the problems. BetterVue is still made for window screens.

If you have a screen enclosure that was screened with BetterVue you will eventually may need to change to a different type of screen since BetterVue is no longer recommended. You could call the builder of the enclosure and see if they still have some Bettervue and will repair it for you. They may charge you a lot more. Regular screen(18 x14) is a darker screen so it may look like patchwork. 20 x 20 screen (smaller size holes) is darker yet. Gray screen could be an option but it sometimes has a shadow-like effect. There is not really any perfect solution. Maybe, you could convince the builder who built your enclosure to give you a really good deal to totally rescreen your enclosure with some type of screen that is going to be around for a long time (and has been tried and proven) for a screen enclosure.

Good Luck

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Replacing Screens During Cold Weather Can Rip Your Screen

Posted by JR on December 10, 2013
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When you try to replace a screen section, (on a pool enclosure, porch, patio or other) and the outside temperature is below 70  there could be a problem.

In cooler temperatures the spline (black rubber tubing that keeps the screen in place) gets like hard plastic and when the temperature gets below 60 it is very rigid.

Because of the rigidness of the spline (tubing), the spline may tare the screen . The tares may be very small (only a few strands) but that small tare can rip more easily, so in a few months you may have rips and tares along the edge of a fairly new screen.

The screen material also becomes more brittle in cooler weather and may tare easier when you work with it.

So, even though you may want to replace your screens  ASAP, it is better to wait until the outside temperature is above 70.

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How to Patch a Hole on Your Screen Enclosure

Posted by JR on July 17, 2013
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How to put a patch on your screen.   Sometimes you don’t have the time or the money to repair or replace a screen.  This video gives you a simple way to patch the hole in the screen yourself.  This will work if it is on a pool, patio, screen room or lanai screen enclosure.

It will also work on a window screen.  The patch will usually stay on the screen for a long time if the patching is done with everything dry.

You can also use spray glue (get from the hobby store).  You could buy a roll of sticky screen but that does not stay on the screen as long (order this online).

The patch will look rather ugly and tacky but it will keep the bugs out.

If you cannot see this video, click on the title.

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Pool Screen Enclosures and Hurricane Damage

Posted by JR on May 28, 2013
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Hurricanes can cause a lot of damage to swimming pool enclosures.  View several videos at   http://www.poolscreenrepair.com/hurricane-damage/   and they will give you a picture of what type of damage can happen to your enclosure or lanai.

Every storm weakens your screen enclosure, even if the frame and screen may look OK to you.  Some very tall enclosures “rain” screws into the pool during a very strong storm.  Be sure and take any screws out of your pool as soon as possible because the screws will quickly rust and could damage your pool.

As you can seen in the videos, storms can do some very serious damage to your pool, patio enclosure or lanai.  If you are lucky, you may only need a little bit of screen repair done.  If you are not so lucky, you may need to replace your entire screen enclosure. In any case, be sure and check over your screen structure for any needed repairs or adjustments.  It could save you time and trouble later.

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New Year’s Eve Pool Party 10 Safety Tips

Posted by JR on December 28, 2012
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The holidays are such a great time to have all kinds of parties. In south Florida, it is especially fun to have a pool party on New Year’s Eve.

There are 10 things that you should keep in mind when having a party around your pool. There is generally more drinking at a New Year’s Eve party so you should be more aware of safety around your pool.

1. Make sure there is adequate lighting around the pool, including outside the pool enclosure. You can hang lights on your pool, screened patio, or lanai enclosure.

2. Repair any loose tiles or holes on the deck.

3. Repair any loose screens on your pool or patio enclosure. Repair any loose parts of the enclosure frame. Make sure the screen doors open and close easily.

4. Make sure there are enough sober people looking out for the safety of others.

5. Try to control the amount of alcohol that is consumed.

6. Check to see if someone is suddenly missing. Check the pool often.

7. Arrange the pool furniture so as it will be easy for people to move around the pool without accidentally falling into the pool.

8. Keep sharp objects away from the pool. If the sharp objects falls into the pool it looks distorted, especially at night. It is dangerous to try to get the sharp object out of the pool and even more dangerous for people to swim with sharp objects in the water.

9. Try not to serve food or drinks in glass. Use plastic, if possible. It is very dangerous for people if broken glass is on the pool deck, and even worse, when broken glass is in the pool.

10. Encourage your guests to have a designated driver.

We had a very good friend who drowned because of over drinking and no one noticed he was missing until it was to late.

Better to be Safe.

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Hurricane September

Posted by JR on September 02, 2012
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It looks like September has started out being very busy in the Atlantic.   Hurricanes are lined up all the way from N.C. to Africa.

It is not to late to check your screen enclosure for loose and rusty screws.  Every tight screw and bolt helps to keep your enclosure from flying away. Every time there is a very strong wind the joints can loosen a little bit.

A big question comes up every year.  Should I remove several sections of screen.  The answer is yes, no, or maybe.  If you decide to remove sections, wait until the winds are close.

To remove the screen section, all you need to do is get a knife or scissors and cut out the screen, nothing fancy.  Some people recommend that you take out one upper wall side section on each end of the enclosure and 1-2 on the long back side.  It is not generally necessary to remove a section of screen on a small porch or patio.

Some people even buy a roll of screen from Home Depot or Lowe’s before the storm, because they remember a few years ago when the supply of screen ran very low and was hard to get.  After the storm you will need to repair or replace the screens that have been taken out or get someone to repair the screens for you.

Check out other posts in this blog for more tips.

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Repair Pool Screens For Pool Safety

Posted by JR on July 04, 2011
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Repair Pool Screens For Pool Safety

Children are out of school for the summer and ready to take advantage of  all things fun and interesting.  That could include having a swim in your pool.  Keep your pool enclosure screens repaired so as to deter the kids from using your pool for their fun and possibly getting hurt.

Recreational time at public and residential swimming pools and spas is a favorite activity for children and adults all over the country. Whether enjoying pool time with family and friends, exercising, playing water sports, or learning to swim, everyone needs to be mindful of the potential for incidents and drownings in pools and spas.

Each year, nearly 300 children under the age of five drown in residential and public pools and spas. Submersion incidents requiring emergency-room treatment or hospitalization number in the thousands and many victims experience permanent disability, including brain damage.

Few people know of the hidden dangers from drain or suction entrapments. Drains with broken, missing, or faulty covers can entrap hair, the body, limbs, jewelry and clothing, or cause disembowelment/evisceration.

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Pool Safety, Keep Kids Safe

Posted by JR on February 05, 2011
Pool Safety, Videos / Comments Off on Pool Safety, Keep Kids Safe

Swimming pools are great fun for families and children but safety is the number One thing.  Screen enclosures, fences and other things keep outsiders from getting into the pool area.  Even during the winter screens and fences should be maintained and repaired when needed.

Your fence, screen or patio enclosure needs to be in good repair.  Replace or repair any screens that have holes, tares or rips.

Below is a Pool Safety video.

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Prepare Your Screen Enclosure For Hurricane Season

Posted by JR on June 07, 2010
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Hurricanes are severe tropical storms that form in the southern Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico and in the eastern Pacific Ocean. Scientists can now predict hurricanes, but people who live in coastal communities should plan what they will do if they are told to evacuate.

What should you do to prepare your screen enclosure for the hurricane season.

Check your enclosure for rusty or loose screws, missing screws or missing bracing. 

Everything put togather sooner or later falls apart, sooner when the connectors are rusty or worn.

If you are handy, you can replace screws or bolts yourself.

Check for weak, poorly attached corners.  Enclosure angles and corners take heavy stress during a storm and one break can bring down an entire pool cage.

Check for improperly anchored support beams.  Anchoring beams through pavers is not sturdy.  Heavy winds can pull the pavers free from their mortar and sand base.

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